Cyclop NKS version 1.2.0 missing in Maschine browser

Mac OS X 10.11.4
Maschine software standalone 2.4.0
Sugar Bytes Cyclop 1.2.0

After the installation/update for Cyclop 1.2.0 completes successfully, Native Instruments Machine’s Browser is unable to show Cyclop in “All Instruments” section.

Installer cannot detect the correct computer’s storage name if it was different than “Macintosh HD”. You can confirm it from Preference > Library page in Maschine software.



Resolution step:
1) Open com.native-instruments.Cyclop.plist file in SimpleText app from {Your storage name}/Library/Preference folder.
2) There are two location (strings sections) of the storage name which says “Macintosh HD”. Replace the names to appropriate storage name and save it.
3) Go to Preference > Library, click Rescan button.
4) Maschine software will bring up an alert dialog. Click “Locate” button and locate the appropriate NKS folder.
“{Storage name}/Library/Application Support/Sugar Bytes/Cyclop/NKS” folder

5) Once rescan completes, restart Maschine software.
6) You will find out the Cyclop under All Instruments section in the Maschine browser.
Note: In case the Cyclop icon might show blank , restart the Maschine software once again.

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